We apply the finest composites
to create the future together with our customers

Creativity x Technology = New Possibilities

We provide new function and value to our customers’ products
by tackling their desires head on with our wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technologies through every stage
from composites prototyping to mass-production,
including material development, design, analysis, molding, and processing.

Scopes of Business

Our Service

We provide best solutions for CFRP/GFRP components.

  • Technologies Technologies

    As a pioneer in FRP molding, we have established our expertise in composites molding over 60 years in business. We offer one-stop solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers through every stage, from research and development to design, analysis, molding, processing, and integration.


  • r&d R&D

    We develop the resins used for FRP matrixes and develop the processes for manufacturing FRP products. In addition to utilizing high-quality composite product design and manufacturing technologies, we propose optimized one-stop solutions by applying advanced design technologies that cover every stage through electrical, mechanism, and optical design.


  • solution Solution

    We have accumulated numerous achievements in a wide range of fields throughout the world. We offer a wide range of products, from test pieces to prototypes and mass-produced products. Our work with structural components dates back to the Osaka World Exposition’s Tower of the Sun, and more recently for the Hayabusa 2 artificial satellite, wherein products with a particularly high degree of difficulty demonstrate our technical capabilities.


Our Products

  • Industrial Machinery Industrial Machinery

    We handle all stages of design, development, manufacturing, and evaluation in an integrated manner for everything from large, precision CFRP structural components that support the manufacturing equipment for IoT industrial machinery to the micron-precision CFRP components that are key to semiconductor manufacturing systems. With our large and high-precision manufacturing equipment, we provide countless products for industrial machinery.

  • Aerospace Equipment Aerospace Equipment

    Since receiving JIS Q 9100:2004 certification in 2006, we have mass-produced wing components for overseas aircraft manufacturers and engaged in the manufacture of artificial satellite structural components and adhesive assembly of artificial satellite bodies. We currently handle a broad range of artificial satellite related work, including design, structural member development support, engineering, analysis, component manufacturing, and structural member manufacturing and assembly.

  • Electromagnetic Wave Application Equipment Electromagnetic Wave Application Equipment

    We identify the ideal form using simulations that employ sophisticated electromagnetic wave propagation analysis technologies, which we then combine with structural analysis to materialize these forms. We have a broad track-record in delivering GFRP products with superior electromagnetic wave transmission characteristics such as large terrestrial radomes, as well as radomes for aircraft, specialized vehicles, and shipping vessels.

  • Automobiles Automobiles

    Based on the drawings we receive from our customers, we deliver high-quality automotive components that are lightweight, high-strength, and stylish by leveraging expert craftsmanship through all stages of the process, from optimized mold design and production, to CFRP molding, processing, and painting. Moreover, we also develop weather-resistant and other new functional resins upon request.

  • Drones Drones

    The CFRP drone airframes that we manufacture utilize an original monocoque body. In addition, we realize the industry’s lightest weights by using our own in-house developed foam cores. By fully utilizing the properties of these materials, we have enabled lighter, larger drone airframes than ever before.

  • Electronics Electronics

    In our efforts to commercialize CFRP electronics cases, we enabled mass-production by overcoming issues related to fire retardance, heat resistance, and mass-productivity using our proprietary resin development technologies. We have achieved production levels of 10,000 laptop computer cases per line per month using fully automated molding processes and rapid-curing resins, both of which we developed in-house.

  • Art Art

    Ever since we produced the “Face of the Sun” on the Tower of the Sun, the symbol of the 1970 Osaka World Exposition, we have employed the lightweight, high-strength, durable, free-form, and other characteristics of FRP to establish a proven track-record in manufacturing shaped products that combine master craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to apply FRP in helping to achieve richer lifestyles.

  • Medical and Nursing Care Devices Medical and Nursing Care Devices

    Using the X-ray transmission characteristics of CFRP, we provide CT bed tabletops, mammography breast support tables, and other products for X-ray equipment. We also select appropriate carbon fiber types and optimize the orientation of the carbon fibers to minimize the deflection of CT bed tabletops and other components when under load.